“Do you want your dog to follow you because she wants to or because she’s scared of what will happen to her if she doesn’t?” – Victoria Stilwell

Learned Behaviors Dog Training celebrates a humane and modern approach to dog training using positive reinforcement, force-free, and reward-based methods. These techniques do not rely solely on treats, but on what is rewarding to each dog and what is realistic for each owner.

Learned Behaviors Dog Training works with a wide range of issues, from potty training, walking politely on a leash or overall basic obedience to more complex matters as canine separation anxiety and “stubborn”, reactive or aggressive dogs. What makes us different is our unique concept to address present misbehaviors and to prevent future behavioral problems. Working on challenging cases without the use of force, pain or intimidation is our mission.

Every breed, every age…no dog is too young, too old or too far gone for training.

Our Dog Training Services Include

    • Puppy Principles
      Good manners, structure, and impulse control sessions for puppies. Yes, puppies are cute. But when the cuteness justifies misbehavior we are in trouble. The Cute Puppy License has an expiration date – this is where training becomes a necessity, no matter how ‘good’ or ‘cute’ puppies are.
    • Basic Obedience
      Similar to Puppy Principles training, Basic Obedience training sessions include structure, good manners and impulse control for your adult dog. Contrary to people’s belief, dogs of any age can learn new behaviors and absolutely love doing so.
    • Beyond Obedience
      Implementing coping mechanisms and emotional rehabilitation techniques for your dog to feel and behave ‘better’. Animal behaviorists state that when the emotional brain kicks in, the thinking brain kicks out. Beyond Obedience training is for behavior issues not deriving from lack of obedience.
    • Out of the Box
      Some owners enjoy taking their dogs along on varied scenarios or they might ask: ‘Besides obedience, what else can I do with my dog?’. If this sounds familiar, this is the best group of sessions for you and your buddy. We can work with your dog to learn to enjoy or to tolerate such settings, or discover different scenarios that would be best fitting for you and your companion.

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