Cheryl C.

Our work with Sandra was aimed to reduce fear, stress and stubbornness with our little Pebbles (miniature pinscher). Notice I said, “OUR WORK”. After two failed attempts with other dog trainers, more fear, stress and anxiety set in. This third time when interviewing a trainer we decided to try something different, it was Sandra! We felt a huge sense of compassion, kindness and tenderness for her training techniques and love for dogs, all dogs.

Sandra is very unique in the way she works with the dog, there is no shocking, no choke collars and no “pouch throwing”. We had great results from lots of repetition, compassion and kindness, of course treats too! We conquered some situations that were very difficult for Pebbles and our family. An important one for our family was when my mom (big animal lover) would visit, Pebbles would shake, pace and hide for hours. Another serious problem was when someone would come to the door, she would bite, bark, jump, pace, the stress level was out of control, we conquered that too.

The experience we had working with Sandra was amazing, and the results are proof that Sandra, owner of Learned Behaviors can help YOU help your dog!