J. Paik-Alonso, Ed.S.

I am writing this testimonial about Sandra’s personal canine in-home training services, because she went and continues to go above and beyond to assist us with all of our needs.  Sandra has a genuine love for animals that is evident the first moment you speak to her.  Her interactions with the animals she works with are nurturing and positive.  She embodies patience and teaches a myriad of creative behavioral modification strategies and techniques that are easy to understand and implement.  When my family needed assistance training our puppy last summer, she was flexible and made herself available at our convenience.  She bonded with our puppy immediately and in five session, she taught us positive behavior techniques associated with potty training strategies, staying on her “place” (dog bed), staying when someone comes to the door, waiting and dropping whatever is in her mouth, walking outside appropriately, sitting and laying down, and strategies for minimizing chewing and puppy biting with my children.  In addition, she introduced us to ‘nose work,’ as a creative strategy to keep our puppy busy and entertained.  She modeled the teaching of these behaviors and taught us how to reinforce and maintain them.  It should be noted that Sandra is very knowledgeable regarding all dog breeds, which is important when tailoring training.  Furthermore, she has provided us with numerous resources associated with vet names, holistic vet and dog sitter contacts, pet products, as well as natural remedies that have been effective.  What is most impressive, is that to this day, she checks in on us and makes herself available to answer any questions that we may have at anytime.  I highly recommend her services, and consider her to be an expert at what she does.  We are very grateful that she was recommended to us.