Nicole M.

Sandra has been a lifesaver with my crazy Goldendoodle, Daisy!  When Daisy was a puppy Sandra came to the house and not only trained Daisy in the basics like sit, wait, down, but she also taught me how to walk my spirited puppy on a loose leash.  As Daisy has grown Sandra has stayed with us.  She worked with Daisy on scent work, off leash training, retrieving, agility, and now field training.  She has been instrumental in helping me train Daisy not to jump on people as they come into the house.  My Goldendoodle is a sweet, albeit goofy muppet of a dog, and I truly believe that Sandra and her training methods are what has helped to mold Daisy into a great 2 year old, and the dog I have always dreamed of.