Robin D. – Red Hound Rescue

Sandra is a well-trained and knowledgeable resource for anyone looking for help with their dog. She is generous with her time and has a calm and patient  demeanor about her. She does very well in crisis situations and is never put off by dogs with a “history” and/or aggressive tendencies. She produces measurable results when working with dogs and owners who put in the time to implement her training techniques.
Sandra has made herself available to me for countless Rescue situations and she is an invaluable asset to the rescue community. That cannot be said for all trainers.

I highly recommend Sandra and her effective and proven approach to dog training. She is a not a fly-by-night company. She has a proven track record in the training community and is 100% reliable…always going the extra mile. She has been a support for our organization and our dogs at all hours via phone, text and in person. She is THE resource for training and once you get to know Sandra, she will quickly become a family friend to you and your animals. Sandra’s approach is loving but firm and there is no doubt, she loves dogs! And the dogs love her!