Theresa L.

My training relationship with Sandra started when I had a conversation with a friend of mine that lives in Georgia. She has 2 small dogs and her trainer uses positive reinforcement techniques promoted by Victoria Stillwell. I was very interested in this type of training as I had used trainers in the past for other dogs but they all used a dominant based training technique. I came home to South Florida and found that Sandra was a trainer in my area who trained under Victoria Stillwell and used this positive reinforcement method, and that’s how she came into our lives…..My dog Zayda is a 105 lb Bernese Mountain dog and she became very anxious when people came into our home. I was becoming very worried about her behavior towards people entering our home and from our first meeting with Sandra I began to see changes in how Zayda reacted to people and what we could do in a positive way to help her work through her anxiety. Zayda responded so well to the positive reinforcement training and Sandra worked beautifully with her and our family. My husband and 3 teenage boys did not have a good experience with previous trainers and were hesitant to become involved with this new training. Sandra made the sessions fun and very uplifting, we even got their friends to help with sessions!! Sandra always walks into a session with a smile on her face and eager to work with all of us. We have had very good success with the training and continue to work on all aspects that are necessary for the well being of Zayda and our family. I cannot say enough good things about Sandra and encourage everyone to use this positive reinforcement as their training method.